Pollergen™ Treated Blinds

Pollergen Treated blinds featuring the unique Pollergen® treatment can dramatically reduce the amount of active grass pollen entering a room. Alleviating suffering for Harrogate, York, Ripon, Wetherby and Knaresborough & North Leeds.

We supply a unique range of Pollergen™ treated fabrics, offering helpful relief for the whole family against hay fever.

1 in 4 people in the UK suffers from hayfever with the suffering being caused by the allergen in the grass pollen. Grass pollen is microscopic and extremely lightweight, is produced in huge volumes and easily becomes airborne.

Once airborne the allergen carried by the pollen is capable of affecting anyone coming into contact with it, the larger the volume of pollen the more likely the impact.

Pollen is tacky and will stick to any surface. Pollergen™ helps to increase this capture rate by the inclusion of a tackifier within the formula.

Once captured, the unique Pollergen™ formulation will denature up to 50% of the grass pollen, essentially killing the active element rendering the affected pollen absolutely harmless to sufferers.

Anti Pollen Pollergen Treated Blinds

Pollergen® Treated Blinds use a special coating which can be washed or wiped down as the active formulation continuously migrates to the surface of the fabric for continued protection. A deployed blind can dramatically decrease the amount of active pollen that can enter a room.