Introducing Our Brand New Collection Of UK Manufactured Shutters

Introducing Urban Shutters, a brand new collection of striking polysilk vinyl window shading offering functional styling with a contemporary flair.

Enhancing privacy without compromising on light control, Urban Shutters create a grandiosity of detail and dimension within the home whilst flaunting a striking statement from the outside.

Shutters create a neat structure to the window, acting as a firm barrier against unwanted elements. What’s more, they will provide excellent light filtering throughout the summer and help insulate your home during winter.

They can help reduce noise levels for homes nestled within busy or built up areas and provide extra privacy, ensuring a peaceful environment all year round.

Whatever your style, traditional, contemporary, modern or country, transform your home today with our classical selection of made to measure frames and door styles to suit any room and interior.

To ensure your shutters are unique to you, we offer a bespoke service so that each individual shutter is made-to-measure here in the UK to your exact specifications. Equally spaced louvres allow for a beautifully balanced feel to your home.

Full Height Shutters

Make a real style statement with full height shutters. Complete with tilting louvres and cleverly concealed handles, full height shutters deliver a superior and luxurious aesthetic to the home.

The versatility of full height shutters makes them a firm favourite. A charming and timeless design, this style is definitely a classic that brings with it an unmistakable air of opulence.

Full height shutters are an ideal option for your home and a great solution if you are looking for a little extra privacy. The louvres can be adjusted to suit your exact needs, offering daylight filtering whilst keeping your view private and your home secure. Should you prefer a full view, simply open the doors whenever you like.

A truly luxurious addition to any home’s interior, full height shutters will totally transform your home.

Tier On Tier Shutters

Tier on Tier shutters consist of two separate panels that move independently from each other allowing different levels of light and privacy.
An ideal solution to access upper windows whilst maintaining privacy in the lower section.

Tier on Tier shutters offer a subtle and chic design with all the options of light and privacy making them the ideal choice for bathrooms and kitchens. Boasting 100% water resistance and being easy to clean, their durability within the home is unmatched.

Cafe Style Shutters

Be inspired with continental Café style shutters, the modern design that manages light and privacy perfectly. Café style are panels that cover the lower section of the window frame allowing in additional light from above, while retaining some privacy.

Natural light is vital throughout the home creating ambience and calmness when you need it most. Allowing additional light to set off each individual room, Café style shutters will also maintain your privacy letting you fully unwind throughout the day.